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Kim Caldwell

I'm so thrilled you've taken some time to stop by! My full name is Kim Allistair Caldwell. You may have seen my name written a few different ways. Because of a pesky email address due to the fact that there are millions of us "Caldwell's" out there, people often refer to me as Kim Allistair too. However, I'm all one and the same!


I live in Southern California with my husband, two children and our two furry animals. I spend most days creatively whether I am decorating our home, being a Mom and Wife, taking art classes, spending time with friends, preparing for an event, or creating for myself. I love all things lacy, shabby, tattered and old and if it's pink or involves a doll, I'm IN immediately!


My entire artistic life changed in 2007, when I entered and won my first online auction. I received the most amazing package hidden underneath layers of pink tissue (sigh) that opened up a whole new world for me. It was a mixed media assemblage piece made with bits of old torn wallpaper, fabulous vintage mother of pearl buttons, random stitching and tattered millenary flowers. I was in heaven and instantly in love.


Around this time, I also attended my first art event. I met a new community of inspiring ladies and artists, many of whom I still hold dear as some of my closest friends today.


I immediately found ways to make art and incorporate these worlds into my everyday life and surroundings. My business, Artistic Bliss Designs, and my Blog were born back then and I began hosting art events, which initially were small in my home and grew into the larger yearly themed Affaires I create now.


Kim Caldwell - About


I can say without a doubt that some 11 years later, I still embrace it all. And while I'm always evolving and finding new inspirations, my love for this artistic world will stay with me for my lifetime. My passion is and will always be cultivating a shared love for beautiful things by bringing women together to create art and support each other. This is something I will treasure forever.