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Our Dreamy Bohemian Affaire is currently SOLD OUT ~ If you would like to be added to the Waiting List, please email us HERE!



After a rejuvenating hiatus from my weekend retreats, I am thrilled to be back and offer what will be one of my most favorite themes yet


As the days seem to rush by more quickly, we all need to take some time to indulge ourselves in what we love ~ friends, creativity, and time away to refresh! I know for myself, I’m still learning to focus on being in the moment, surround myself with creativity and practice self care. So come along and join me for a new laid back vibe, dreamy visions, feminine creativity, and a sense of renewal!


Scroll below for the details of our retreat to see what each dreamy day holds. For those of you who have joined us in the past, you will find a new format that promises more creative time but still the moments we have cherished too!


Click the options on the menu above for even more details. The workshops alone will make your wild heart pitter patter!   


Our adventure begins early in the evening, as we join together under the beautiful skies of our own boho lounge for delicious desserts and fruit infused concoctions! Pin a floral wreath in your hair, wear your favorite flowy skirt and take in the relaxing vibes as we settle in for our amazing weekend together. Our favorite event photographer, Cynthia Shaffer, will be there to take pictures of us amidst the excitement of friends, old and new. Pose with your girls looking all wild and full of love!


Our opening evening will feature a specialized shopping boutique made up of some of our favorite vendors. Shop vintage treasures, unique supplies, handmade art pieces, wellness goodies and other lovelies offered by our talented small business owners!


The festivities will continue with our first ever opening night workshop! Find your spot under the lights in our dreamy bohemian hideaway, as Sylvr Sharp leads us through her beautiful Spread Love Necklace.   



Bright and early Friday morning, we will meet again in our bohemian hideaway for an entire day of creative time! Robin Dudley Howes and Marianne Machado will each guide us through their gorgeous workshops ~ both extended to four hours long so we will have enough time to not only learn from these talented artists but also create at a relaxing pace. In both these classes, we will be playing with the most precious fabrics and vintage goodies that will channel your feminine side. Our day will include a delicious lunch, dessert and drinks in a beautiful garden setting.


After a quick break to freshen up and possibly grab a cocktail, we will gather once again that evening for dinner in the garden and yet another joyful soiree! There will be a delicious plated dinner to savor before the festivities begin with our exciting creative art exchanges. Women sharing their beautiful creations and bits of themselves is always a highlight of our retreat!


This evening will also offer something new and fun ~ a Wellness Makery. Our very own DIY station will have two of our favorite unwinding goodies. Take a moment to create your own smudge stick with beautiful herbs and flowers and fill a personalized roller bottle with calming essential oils. These handmade gifts will be a wonderful reminder of our special moments together.   


Day Three will find us all together again for our final day of creative time. We couldn’t be more excited to add our first all day intensive workshop to our retreat format! The talented Colleen Moody will be joining us for the entire day to teach her darling fawn assemblage she created exclusively for us! We can't think of a more charming project for our boho vibe than this sweet wildlife creature. Our day will include a delicious lunch, dessert and drinks in a beautiful garden setting. 


Sunday morning, bright and early, brings us to our last time together before saying goodbye. Join us for a lovely optional flea market tour to some of our favorite Southern California antique shopping spots including a delicious traditional afternoon tea at our favorite dreamy spot, Morning Lavender! You will not want to miss this day full of shopping, treats, gifts and fun before your journey home.



Our Dreamy Bohemian Affaire includes:


~ A new creative format featuring an opening night workshop, two four hour workshops and a full day intensive workshop – 18 hours of creative time together,

~ An Opening Night Soiree in our own Boho Lounge including desserts and fruit infused drinks,

~ A specialized shopping boutique featuring some of our favorite artistic and wellness small business owners,

~ Friday evening dinner and Creative Exchange Soiree,

~ Art Exchanges with your bohemian friends,

~ An exclusive DIY Wellness Makery,

~ Photograph opportunities with our event photographer in the Boho Lounge,

~ Access to free downloads of hundreds of photographs by our event photographer,

~ Delicious luncheons in the garden on both Friday and Saturday,

~ "Affaire" style group classes - reserve seating with your friends or we will seat you with new fabulous ladies if you are attending on your own,

~ Discount room accommodations at The Belamar Hotel,

~ Priority registration on our Bohemian Flea Market Tour (an optional excursion), and

~ Luscious goodies, prizes, gifts, inspiring decor, friendship, laughter and so much more. . .